Certainly, our Municipality offers challenges and opportunities for all of us. It intensely guides us to closely work together for better governance which shall bring about genuine CHANGE in the lives of our constituents and our municipality.

Henceforth, from this day forward until the end of my term, we shall be reaching out to the different barangays to report all the concerns of our constituents. And by this, we can foster good camaraderie that will help define services that will bring our municipal governance a virtuous one.

With this far-reaching but comprehensive Nine Point Agenda, are the following specific grasps true to our commitment to serving our beloved Catarman and its people.


  • Support Program of Upland and Lowland farmers;
  • Planting seeds distribution
  • Assistance on land dispute negotiation of landowners
  • Promotion and Marketing of Agro products
  • Institutionalization of Tabo-Tabo sa Catarman
  • Support to Organic Farming
  • Provision of incentives to farmers practicing organic farming
  • Support to livestock production
  • Dispersal of native chicken
  • Livestock Upgrading Program
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Concreting of Farm to Market Roads


  • Strengthen the protection of Sanctuaries
  • Price Control & Monitoring of Fish Product
  • Support Livelihood Programs for Fisherfolks
  • Sustainable Fish Production
  • Eliminate illegal fishing


  • Promotion and Maintenance of existing Diving Sites
  • Reconstitution and Strengthening of Catarman Tourism Council
  • Promote One-Barangay One-Product in line with Tourism Industry
  • Creation and promotion/Video of Municipality of Catarman Tourist Destinations
  • Identification and development of other Tourist sites/spots


  • Construction of View Deck at Dininggasan
  • Continuation of Public Market Construction
  • Concreting of Farm to Market Roads
  • Rehabilitation of Dilapidated Water System
  • Installation of Solar Street Lightings


  • Police Visibility for the Maintenance of Peace and Order and Public Safety
  • Continuous Monitoring and in Depth Surveillance of illegal drug users, pushers and other illegal activities
  • Reconstitution and Strengthening of the Municipal Peace and Order and Anti-Drug Abuse Councils
  • Strengthening of Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils, Lupon Tagapayamaya Members, Barangay Tanods, Barangay Peace Action Teams, and Barangay Peace and Order Councils


  1. Provision of support to quality Education
  2. Close monitoring on Internet Cafés and stores selling liquors and cigarettes to minors within the vicinity of the school
  3. Attainment of 100% completion rate


  • Decrease Malnutrition in the Locality
  • Reconstitution of MNC (Municipal Nutrition Council) and designation of new MNAO (Municipal Action Officer) and establishment of its office
  • Dengue Awareness and Prevention Campaign
  • Advocacy on the prevention and/or reduction of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Continuing Program on Maternal Health Care and TB DOTS
  • Anti-Smoking Ordinance Implementation


  1. Institutionalization of Waste Segregation Policy
    • Creation of Environmental Task Force
    • Strict Enforcement and Implementation of Plastic-Free Ordinance


  1. Purchase of:
    1. Disaster Rescue Vehicles
    2. Pick-up
    3. Closed van
    4. 6-Wheelers dump truck   
  • Purchase of Additional Disaster Equipment
  • Purchase and Installation of Repeater
  • Activation of Radio System of 14 Barangays (24/7)
  • 24-hours Service of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO-OpCen)
  • Enhancement of Skills on Disaster Preparedness of the organized Barangay Rescue Teams, Barangay First Responders and Community Fire Auxiliary Task Force in all Barangays


  • Soon to Launch and Implement the KIT (Keen Institutionalized and Transparent) Governance Award for Barangays

In view of the fact that we are in today’s computer age, we shall be embarking on the computerization of our operational and management systems to include the computerization of our Real Property Tax Assessment and Appraisal System; including our Business Licensing and Permitting System.

Soon, we shall also be establishing our Municipal Official Website to feature our municipal services, projects, programs and activities and so that we may be able to interlink with the outside world; with the national government and its line agencies; with our local investors; with our Catarmanons overseas, including all the fourteen (14) barangays as well as the different schools in the municipality to ensure that all stakeholders are well-informed of the developments that are taking place in our municipality.

We shall also be RE-FOCUSING our development priorities, principles of local governance and strategies:

To re-focus our development priorities, we shall be balancing our infrastructural development projects with the establishment and institutionalization of various social and economic development programs.               

It is known that our Municipality is heavily dependent on external sources of revenues such as the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) to finance the implementation of our various development projects, programs, and activities. This financial dependence presents a big challenge for all of us. We must liberate our Municipality from its heavy dependence on external sources of revenues. There is then an urgent need for us to closely work hard together to pump up local investments in our municipality through the Revision of Local Revenue Code, Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Implementation of Local Investment and Incentive Code and Updating of the Comprehensive Development Plan.

It is worth mentioning that thousands of local and foreign tourists visit our scenic and panoramic places in the municipality. We will further enhance and sustain our local tourism industry through the provision of infrastructural and capital investment interventions. These local investments would mean additional local revenues to our municipality and employment to our qualified constituents, aside from further boosting and strengthening our local trade and commerce.

It is indeed a challenge for us to formulate strategic measures to assist our local investors and entrepreneurs through the formulation and institutionalization of a local investment establishment and promotion plan supported with our Local Investment and Incentive Code.

With the help of the supportive 15th Sangguniang Bayan, we look forward to creating a local investment-friendly environment through the enactment of appropriate legislation. Our sincere efforts to promote and strengthen local investment in our municipality would come to nothing if we are not to preserve and further enhance our peace and order campaigns and security programs.

We shall likewise preserve that our development proceedings are consultative and participative in character, wherein, the plan conceptualization, formulation, and institutionalization processes must have to ensure that all concerned stakeholders, are well- consulted and made to actively present their sentiments and development priorities.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we’ll make sure that all transactions and undertakings, especially on procurement contracts must have to be published and made known to the people and whatever the outcomes may be, the people involved must be responsible and accountable at all times.

I urge all of you to join me particularly in the development of our beloved Catarman. The trust and confidence you have entrusted will always be there. Thus, all of our development efforts are the fastest conveyance to reach our goal for inclusive growth and development for Catarman.

Our journey towards achieving a better Catarman will continue. No matter what the future may bring, my commitment remains with you. In whatever capacity, I will do the best for all of you.

All of these will not be realized without your full support and cooperation