Municipal Conference Room

Abaca Production Project

Improvement of Municipal Gymnasium

Installation of Color-coded Garbage Bins

Purchase of Addtional Rescue Equipment

Continuous Lining of Municipal Drainage Canal

Construction of Napo Day Care Center

Improvement of Executive Building

Land Base Radio System

Purchase of Rescue oat & Rescue & Transport Vehicle

Avantrac Heavy Machinery Inc-Dump Truck

MJN-Rescue Boat

Nissan Cebu Dist-pick up

Nissan Cebu Rescue Van

Purchase of Rescue Vehicle Panghiawan

Installation of Looc Street Lights

Improvement & Equipping the Municipal Operation Center

Concreting of Extension of Jacot St, to Along St.

Alga-Timbaan-Quilaa FMR Project

Installation of Sreet Lighting System

Rice & Corn Mill Phase 2